Patient Info

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Information for patients attending for treatment:

If your dentist has referred you to Curran Oral Surgery Clinic for treatment please follow the instructions below to aid us in making your time with us as smooth and efficient as possible:

    • Have a light meal 2 hours prior to your appointment i.e. toast, cereal.
    • Bring a full list of ALL your medication with you.
    • Take your medication as normal on the day of treatment (unless advised otherwise by your doctor).
    • If you are exempt from paying for dental treatment please bring your benefit documentation.
    • Please bring your medical card.

Most treatment can be carried out by numbing the area. If your dentist has referred you for sedation (twilight sleep) please adhere to the following regulations

    • Have a light meal 2 hours prior to your appointment.
    • Make sure you are accompanied to the surgery by a responsible adult.
    • Your escort must remain on the premises at all times during and after your treatment until you are discharged
    • Your escort has sole responsibility for you and should not have any young children or dependents with them.
    • Your escort must be able bodied.
    • You must rest at home for 24hrs after the treatment.


Not all patients are suitable for sedation (twilight sleep). This will be decided by the treating dentist during your consultation.